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August 19, 2010


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I've been making a journal for my four year old DD called "Memories of Mommy". I write little short stories about things that happened when I was a kid. They're in a random order as I write the memories as I remember them. I want her to be able to open this book, or books, depending on how many things I can remember, and see who I was as a child. There will be all sorts of things in there about my brothers, sister, Mom & Dad, my grandparents, and cousins...she'll get a fun history to look back on. She'll get to know who I was as a child and a teen. I think this will be a life gift that hopefully she will do for her children when she has them. If it weren't for scrappin', I would have probably have never thought to do this.


Wow! Thank you for sharing this brilliant idea with us. I love the fact that the list would automatically include the good and bad, exciting events and disappointments. Sometimes scrapbooks only focus on the cute and fun times. I am amazed that my mind is already creating a list even as I write this. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks again!

Renee T.  (italgal on BPS)

Thank you for sharing this idea, Jen. It is a wonderful concept, and one that any of us can think about, and make uniquely our own. I, too, have suitcases full of photos and memorabilia that I've inherited from grandparents. I've been afraid to touch them for 15 years, because I know they are "special" but I didn't know how to use them. I'm excited to follow you on this journey...

Becky H

Thank you , Thank you, Thank you!! I have been facing this same thing. Where to start. What a great idea, I am along for the journey.


Today is a wonderful day! Thanks to The Big Idea Festival I have found your blog and your !00 Moments That Changed My World. I absolutely love the concept as I have been struggling for years with finding a way to tell my story. Thank you so much for sharing the idea with us!

Joy Buss

Great Post Jen! Love your idea about the 100 Moments. I will take the journey with you! :-) I am loving the Festival..so much creative goodness.


Jen - saw the idea for this album in the BPS festival and I had to come here to read more. LOVE this idea! I especially love that I can tackle it a little bit at a time!
Thank you!

Haley D.

This is truly an amazing idea! I can't wait to follow your journey. I love this idea and am going to consider implementing it for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!


Jen, I love this idea! Tell me how you're going to deal with the unpleasant things that changed your life.

Looking fwd to Veteran's Day. See you soon.

Jen Mohler

This journal is such a treasure!

Jen Mohler

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!

I have posts planned for a full week all about how I am working through this process.

Tomorrow I will share my list and how I use it, and then Saturday I will begin to tackle how I am handling the bad and the ugly moments.


This idea is so great because it really makes one stop and look at one's life and how we've become who we've become. Have we just gone where others though we should go? What choices have shaped us into who we are? Thanks for the inspiration and I think that I will join you on this journey because I'm in a reflective moon right now and I want my children and grandchildren to know who and why I am who I am. Thanks again!

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I love this idea. I have books and books of old photos. My dad died when I was 12 and my mom about 11 years ago. She wasn't very good about documenting who people are. By the time I got interested in scrapbooking, she had already passed away. I too can't ask those questions of who are they or how did you feel. I don't want to leave my kids with stacks of photos wondering who the people are or why was that photo important enough for me to take it. I will definately be following your process. Question - how do you safely get old photos out of those awful sticky albums?


What an awesome idea. I love it! Something that really struck me about your post is the process you took to get to your idea. Sometimes we just have to let things cook for a bit...

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