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August 23, 2010


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Carol S. G.

Hi Jen, I'm enjoying reading this and admire your approach to what was obviously a pretty bumpy childhood. I have been separated from my husband for three years now and I haven't scrapped in almost that entire time. It's very difficult to "celebrate" even everyday moments, when there is still so much disappointment, anger and sadness lingering over us - especially for my children. Yet life goes on, doesn't it? And the best lesson for our kids is that life contains both happy and sad times. Both are valid and part of being alive. Your pages are SO different from what's often shown in the magazines - perfect holidays, happy children, smiling families. Now those seem more like what we wish, than what actually is. Life is complicated, and so are people. Thanks for being real and sharing this journey with your readers.

Robin W

I really like how you've written the story out the way you want to tell it, knowing it will take up a good portion of the layout. Yet you still use several pictures. This seems more "real" (to me) than those picture decorated pages you see in magazines. Again thank you for sharing this process with us.


The writing is great and really that's the bit that matters. The photos hold your attention momentarily, embellishments are more about the playing and the process but the words are what will bring you back.

How are you approaching the order of the stories - do you look at the list of 100 and pick the one you fancy doing now or are you doing it chronologically?


Hi Jen, I have been following your blog daily since I found you (via BPS) and LOVE your top 100 moments! Thank you for sharing your story with us and your honesty. It's really touched my heart and I'll be following your journey every step of the way!!! I've started my own list and will tweek as I go. (It was harder than I thought it'd be - lol)

Your newest, biggest fan!!!

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