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March 08, 2011


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Barb in AK

Wow! As a retired music educator (33 years), this is so thought-provoking! He mentioned "collaboration" throughout his address. We also need to remember that some people do so much better as an individual (thinking of my son). He was many times stifled by being forced to work with groups! Many great musicians had to "create on their own."
This argument has gone on and on for years, even while I was teaching. I was ever so glad I was a music teacher instead of a regular classroom teacher as the years went by. I wasn't being measured by how many of my students could pass a standardized test at the end of the year. I feel the quality of education started failing when teachers found it necessary to "teach to the test" each year. Vicious cycle, ya know? We will one day see the pendulum swinging back the other way, as it has many times.
Thanks for sharing the video.

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Thank you so much for sharing this. Sending to all my educator friends and parents!!!

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